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Who We Are


Commited to your Smile

Our dental clinic is a special place equipped with latest instruments and best infrastructure. It is staffed by special people dedicated to bring every member of your family a personalized dental care.We understand that many people are fearful and feel anxious about their dental visit thus trying to postpone their dental treatment which would ultimately lead to aggravation of the problem and may be severe pain or even loss of teeth.

Our Skills

Printing receipts81%
Sterilizing instruments 100%
Passing instruments 85%
Gum disease 90%

Resions to You Choose us

About Clinic
  • We try to make your dental care as comfortable and convenient as possible through our homely approach. We try to share your concerns and believe in developing personal relation with our patient and their family. We have always seen our dental practice as one that combines extraordinary treatment with deep caring for our patients overall health and welfare. This site has given us a new way to fulfill our commitment to mankind. SIMLE is a curve that sets things straight
  • We follow international standards of infection control and sterilization. We use autoclaving which is considered to be platinum standard in maintaining asepsis before and after the treatment.
  • All the instruments are placed into separate sterile pouched and autoclaved at 13 OC under 15 LB pressure just before use. The use of sterile disposables in form of mask, gloves, suction tips, glasses, patient drape, surgery apron are compulsory according to us.
  • The whole operators including the floor, roof and dental chair are regularly fumigated as done world wide in operation theatres.
  • Prime location in Ahmedabad City
  • Both the clinics are ideally located in most important areas of the city so easily approachable by any type of transport services.
Areas of Activity....
  • Operatories for comprehensive dental treatment & Maxilo-Facial Surgery.
  • Dental Imagine Centre
  • Advanced Dental Education Centre
  • In-house Dental Lab
  • School dental gealth & public awareness programmes.
Central Sterilization Station....
  • We try to strictly follow the American and European guidelines of complete asepsis and through sterilization.


Our dental imagine centre is equipped with facilities like

  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Composite (tooth colored) fillings
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Crown and bridge
  • Replacements in completely edentulous mouth
  • Pedodontic(Child) Dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Preventive Rx
  • Dental implants